tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

Crazy Finish

Hi all, it has been so long since last post and mainly because lot has happened to me :D Nothing bad, I promise. I finally graduated on June after hectic months with my thesis at spring. Also got permanent job on June, started week before graduating! And we moved on August, DD started her pre-school, DH started his school at University of Helsinki and so on :D Belive or not, I have been also stitching and finally finished my Crazy January Challenge piece, Tinkerbell. Will ask girls what they want this to be tomorrow, let's see about that later. Kind of have small problems now as after moving I have lost my WIP crazy bag...after 3 dayd I will be at home for a week, so hoping best then... Otherwise, I don't even want to think! So see ya again, hopefully little bit earlier next time! Tinker Bell Giggle Sketch by Janlynn