perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012

#6 start of the year

Is Lizzie Kate's Hope from Christmas Blessigns. Have stitched all the white parts (people who know me, know that I like to stitch colour by colour if possible)

I was sorry to notice that chart was missing the charm, but I need to try find one. Also need duplicate charms from each chart, thinking about stitching them twice...
Also missing 2 charts from serie, Love and Friends, so need to get them too :D Fabric is allready cutted from them all!

torstai 5. tammikuuta 2012

Start #5

Is Anchor's Tea time hardanger piece. My friend is coming with camera on Saturday, you can then see my uppdate pics, hehehe... I did try to find proper pic about the kit but didn't manage :) But is is lovely, green and white....

Hope your needles have been smoking and you have enjoyed this time of year as much than I :D

keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2012

#4 Crazy

...continues on Disney theme...

It is small Flowers for you

I thought that if I don't do now these Disney kits, I have to wait for grandkinds, lol!

tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2012

Crazies 2 & 3

I have decided to start 14 small and one little HAED, lol! So first I will start all the small ones and then continue to "main" project.

I'm very happy to tell that I have finished 2nd and 3rd crazy projects allready, I met 3 Crazy Finns yesterday and had nice time with them, we chatted, drank tea and stitched in a cafe.

#2 Pooh from Janlynn, started and finished Jan 2

Cherries from Permin, started and finished Jan 3

And I want to tell fellow crazies that I have been reading their messages, visited tons of blogs and saw lovely uppdates :) Haven't commented yet as trying to keep stitching, hehehe.

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope everybody had super New Year! My friend was visiting us with her girl and she took her camera we had nice little photo session about my crazy pieces and she will send them me by email :) Yes, you did hear correct, good pictures, at my blog!!!


Did you remember to start stitching those crazies? I sure did! Tomorrow going to meet couple crazy ladies too, so this January will be super busy, lol!

And want to mention that Sarah is having a giveaway, you may take a look if you wish (would like to win so don't mind if you don't peek, lol)