tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2012

Crazies 2 & 3

I have decided to start 14 small and one little HAED, lol! So first I will start all the small ones and then continue to "main" project.

I'm very happy to tell that I have finished 2nd and 3rd crazy projects allready, I met 3 Crazy Finns yesterday and had nice time with them, we chatted, drank tea and stitched in a cafe.

#2 Pooh from Janlynn, started and finished Jan 2

Cherries from Permin, started and finished Jan 3

And I want to tell fellow crazies that I have been reading their messages, visited tons of blogs and saw lovely uppdates :) Haven't commented yet as trying to keep stitching, hehehe.

3 kommenttia:

Mouse kirjoitti...

ohhh well done :) love the cherries and the winnie :) and can I see the birdies from the cross stitcher in the back ground ???.... sounds like you had a lovely time meeting up with your friends :)love mouse xxxx

Virpi kirjoitti...

Ai sä pistelit viel ton toisenki heti kättelyssä valmiiksi! Vau!

MysteryKnitter kirjoitti...

I love the cherries! Pooh is nice too.